System security

The Key Management System (KMS) executes system security design by conditioning electronic purses (E-Purse) and Security Access Modules (SAM) such that any subsystem interacting with the E-Purse must require a SAM to enforce secured implementation of the application program. he SAM is specially designed security application residing inside a CPU smart card, which enhances and complements security of off-the-shelf E-Purse smart cards.

All security-sensitive decisions can only be made inside the security module to prevent application programmers being able to access to cryptographic keys or modify any processes made in module. Security modules are autonomous intelligent smart cards using cryptographic keys as the basis for security. Cryptographic keys are isolated and decoupled from the application program and programmers though the KMS.

  • Cryptographic keys generated by random keys created by user (System Operator) using multiple seeds controlled by user.
  • User-definable multiple sets of key.
  • One key one purpose for card authentication, terminal authentication, acquirer transaction certification, debit certification, issuer debit transaction signature, credit certification, credit transaction signature
  • Keys resided in various types of SAMs on a need-to-have basis.
  • Secured online and offline key updates.
  • Unique Card Identification Number and Authentication Code.
  • Key Management System to ensure secure Security Access Module (SAM) card creation.
  • Secure mechanism for retrieving and backing-up keys.
  • Exclusive confinement of keys into the SAM once they are loaded.
  • Triple DES Crypto Engine for secure high-speed transactions.
  • Authentication, signature and verification computations on keys.
  • Support for multiple card issuers, multiple acquirers and multiple fund issuers.
  • Secured offline reloading of E-Purse with limited risk exposure of e-money.